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Artiss Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit Stand Motorised Electric Roskos III White White Oak - Evopia
Artiss Electric Motorised Height Adjustable Standing Desk Laptop 2-Motor 160cm - Evopia
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Artiss 160cm Motorised Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Table Dual Motor - Evopia
Motorised Adjustable Desk Frame White - Evopia
Motorised Adjustable Desk Frame Black - Evopia
Artiss Standing Desk Sit Stand Riser Height Adjustable Motorised Frame Only Grey - Evopia
Tired of sitting at a desk but don't want to stand all the time? A motorised standing desk can be adjusted from a sitting to a standing position at the press of a button. Stand when you want to and go back to sitting when you are tired. Artiss height adjustable desks have three pre-set heights and come in a range of widths and depths to suit your requirements.