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    5 Factors in choosing the right Mattress

    How do you choose a Mattress when there is such a wide range of types,
    materials and prices.

    Sometimes we need to buy in a hurry because an old Mattress has failed or we have guests coming and need to choose one quickly.

    A Mattress is a personal choice depending upon what position you sleep in, whether you like soft or firm, your body weight and what room it is for. After all, most people spend a third of their lives in bed and getting a good nights sleep has been identified as crucial for our health and happiness.

    Do you need a new Mattress?

    Most people spend between 2,600 and 2,900 hours per year in bed. Over 8 years that is 2 1/2 years solid. Eventually any Mattress will start to sag and lose support that can lead to back and neck pain.
    If your Mattress is 8 years old it probably needs replacing and you will benefit from better support and comfort leading to a better nights sleep.
    Mattresses also collect skin cells and attract dust mites who feed on the skin cells. They then defecate in the fabric which can lead to allergenic reactions in many people. This can be managed to some extent through Mattress protectors that are cleaned on a regular basis and vacuuming the Mattress. Eventually the best solution is a new mattress.

    How much do you need to spend?

    There is a wide variation in the price of a Mattress and higher prices do not always mean better quality. The margins are very high in physical Retail stores and often the equivalent quality is much less expensive from an online Retailer.
    The disadvantage is you cannot try the Mattress in store, so reading a good guide to selecting the correct Mattress is very important.

    Another consideration is the room the Mattress is being purchased for. If it’s for a guest room with infrequent use, then the quality may be less important that for a Master Bedroom that is used every day.

    For a Childs bedroom getting a comfortable nights sleep is very important, but children having less bodyweight apply less wear and tear to the Mattress.

    What is your preferred sleeping position?

    According to a Danish study, 54.1% of people sleep on their side, while 37.5% sleep on their back and 7.3% on their Tummy. How you sleep is an important consideration in the firmness of the Mattress you choose and the type of materials.

    Side sleepers need a Mattress that contours to their body to keep their spine straight. They will want a soft to medium mattress rated between 5.0 and 6.0 that allows their shoulders and hips to sink into the Mattress so the spine is not curved. They then need a pillow that supports the weight of the head.

    A Back sleeper will require more support and does not want to sink in as much so will need a medium to medium-firm mattress rated 6.0 to 7.0. A tummy sleeper will need more support again and the best option is a medium- firm to firm mattress rated 6.5 to 9.0.

    A combination sleeper who sleeps in a combination of positions should stay in the medium firmness range so that they sink enough on their side to be comfortable while having support on their back or tummy.
    You then need to consider your body weight which has a bearing on what firmness of Mattress to choose.

    What is your body weight?

    To achieve the same feel and comfort in a Mattress, a lighter person needs to select a softer Mattress as they will not sink in as much. A heavier person will sink in more so needs to select a firmer model to get the same result. This is why the same mattress can be soft to one person but firm to another, it is a very personal choice.

    People with a body weight below 60kg should choose a Mattress with a rating around 5.0 for a side sleeper and up to 6.0 for a back or tummy sleeper.
    People with a body weight between 60 and 100kg should start at a firmness of 6.0 and up to 7.5 for a firmer feel.

    People with a body weight over 100kg may be OK at 6.0 but may choose up to 9.0 once body weight is over 130kg.

    It remains a personal choice and the ultra-firm mattress rated a 9.0 is a for those who want a very firm Mattress that you don’t sink into.

    What Material should I choose?

    The main types of Mattress are 100% foam and innerspring, and for the bold, water beds. Hybrid Mattresses are very common which have an innerspring support base and a foam topper for comfort. Foam ranges from high density in different levels of firmness, memory foam which moulds to your body and latex. Innerspring beds can be the traditional Bonnell Spring with a bed of coils wired together and foam on top, or pocket springs with independent coils individually wrapped.

    Most of us are familiar with the traditional Bonnell Spring Mattress and probably slept on one at some point. They are affordable, durable and provide excellent air flow for ventilation. The more modern pocket spring retains good air circulation while it moulding more to your body shape. It also provides better isolation from partner movement.

    The technology in foam has come a long way since NASA invented memory foam for the airline and space industry to protect people from impact injuries. Memory foam allows you to sink in while providing even support and reducing pressure points. It is a different feel and can take some getting used to, but a great option for the benefits it provides.

    By combining an innerspring support base with foam in a hybrid Mattress we get the benefits of ventilation and durability with the comfort and support of a foam topper. These can be a Pillow-top or a Euro-top Mattress using different options of high density foam or memory foam.

    What is your returns policy?

    All of our Mattresses have a 12 month warranty against manufacturer fault for your peace of mind.

    How to select a right mattress for you - Summary

    There are so many Mattresses on the market and knowing where to start can be daunting. Only you can choose the Mattress that suits you, but thinking about what position you sleep in, your body weight and the type of Mattress you prefer, can help you narrow down the to the best models of the mattress that are most appropriate to make your final choice from.

    Our returns policy:

    We will exchange any faulty / Damaged Item/s or parts, within a reasonable time frame (14 days) from delivery.   Please see manufacturers warranty for other exchanges. We cannot take returns on bedding products or mattresses due to hygiene reasons. All of our Mattresses have a 12 month warranty against manufacturer fault for your peace of mind. 


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