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    Which mattress is right for me

    Have you ever woken up to pins and needles? I you have, your mattress is probably too firm! That's why our range mainly consists of "Medium-Firm" mattresses.  This is to allow for correct circulation and the relief of pressure in your hips, neck and spine. If you are a larger frame, we would suggest equal support and comfort. 

    Is my new mattress likely to sag or lose support?

    No! Not if it has proper care and rotation.  We recommend rotating your mattress every 3-4 weeks for the first 4 months to ensure even body weight distribution.  Read More ...

    Do you sleep on your side?

    According to a Danish study, 54.1% of people sleep on their side, while 37.5% sleep on their back and 7.3% on their Tummy. As we get older or heavier, we are more likely to sleep on our side.

    Side sleeping benefits:

    * Side sleepers are less likely to snore and is therefore the best sleeping position for people with sleep apnea.
    *Side sleeping encourages better circulation of air and blood throughout the body which helps food digestion and increased oxygen to the brain. 
    * If you sleep with your back and pelvis in alignment, you maintain the natural position of your spine which reduces pressure and pain on your body. Read More...

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    Soft Mattress

    Find below the selection of various types of mattresses which are marked by the manufacturer as 5.0-5.5 Medium Softness Grade which is considered a softer mattress. 

    The main feature of soft mattresses is increased sensitivity and minimal response pressure exerted on the body of the sleeping person.


    A soft mattress is a matter of taste. Someone does not imagine sleep outside their beloved feather bed, and to someone, and the board does not seem rigid enough. But only healthy people of middle age and average physique can be guided exclusively by personal preferences. But for some sleepyheads, a soft mattress is not a luxury, but an urgent need.

    First of all, people over 50-55 years old are advised to sleep on soft mattress. This is because their spine needs increased comfort for sleeping, requires good rest and absolute relaxation. Excessive loads, the response pressure on the fabric from the side of the hard mattress is strictly contraindicated.

    Another category of those who should pay attention to soft mattresses is people weighing less than 55 kilograms. If the pea princess mentioned at the beginning was a fragile girl, her love for many feather-beds is absolutely justified. Only a soft mattress is so sensitive to a change in pressure that it can bend correctly, provide support and a natural position for the spine of a thin person.

    Soft Mattresses are also comfortable and useful for people suffering from diseases of the joints and blood vessels, arthritis and arthrosis. During sleep on a soft mattress, blood circulates freely, and there is no excessive pressure on the tissue. That is why in the morning you will never wake up with a feeling of numbness in your arms or legs. A soft mattress gives pregnant women the opportunity to take almost any position without fear of disrupting the blood supply to the baby. 

    Soft mattresses will especially appeal to sleep fans on their side. On this surface, the spine will not bend, the lower back will receive the necessary support.