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Bed Bases

The base for the bed (base for the mattress) is the basis for your healthy and sound sleep. The base is primarily intended to improve the anatomical properties of the mattress. Also, with your bed base your mattress will last much longer.

Many modern bed frames have a built-in base, but some models offer the option of using different types of bed bases. Bed frames are solid or with lamellas (lattice under the mattress) in their design. The best anatomical effect is provided by the bed bases with slats. Wooden slats for the bed help to evenly distribute the body’s weight load and provide natural ventilation of the mattress.

On Evopia online store you can order a bed base from the manufacturer with delivery to your house. Choose the design option that suits you and the size of the bed frame. We also have an option to buy an inflatable bed (air mattress) if you need a temporary sleeping space. 

  • A single size bed bases will fit single size mattress measures 92 x 188 cm and is suitable for a single sleeper. This bed is ideal for one child, teenager, or small adult. Its dimensions are perfect for smaller rooms and studio apartments.

  •  A king single size bed base will fit king single size mattress 203 x 107 cm it offers additional space and comfort for one person. It makes it a very convenient option for a person who wants a little extra space without having to buy the next size (double).
  •  A double bed base will fit double size mattress and measures are 137 x 190 cm. This bed size can sleep two small adults without children. It is also an ideal size for a single adult who likes a bit more space. 
  • Queen size bed base will fit into a Queen mattress is the most popular mattress size, dimensions of the queen mattress are 153 cm. x 203 cm. It is a size beyond double size and will have extra space for couples of all ages plus it can fit a child or pet (with two adults). 
  •  A king size bed base will fit standard king size mattress has dimensions at 183 x 204 cm. With a larger and more comfortable width, a king mattress is larger and is perfect to fit a single person or  two adults or two even adults and one child.