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    Which mattress is right for me ?

    Which mattress is right for me

    Have you ever woken up to pins and needles? Yes? Your mattress is probably too firm! That's why our range mainly consists of "Medium firmness" mattress's.  This is to allow for correct circulation and the relief of pressure in your hips, neck and spine. If you are a larger frame, we would suggest equal support and comfort. You could try either the "Extra thick Premier" Cloud like Mattress or the "Giselle Euro Soft Top" 

    Is my new mattress likely to sag or lose support?

    No! Not if it has proper care and rotation.  We recommend rotating your mattress every 3-4 weeks for the first 4 months to ensure even body weight distribution. 

    Over a period of time however all mattress's will lose a bit of support, It is normal due to weight, body shape, size and how we sleep. 

    Which mattress is best for a child/ teen or young adult? What should I consider for my child when purchasing the right mattress

    While our bodies are still growing it is a good Idea to look for a mattress which has good support, but is soft and comfortable at the same time. Flexibility is key. We suggest the "Euro Top Premier" for children/ teens/ young adults aged 11 and up, or the "Giselle Bedding Euro Top Premier" for younger children who are just coming out of their cot and toddler beds.  

    Which mattress would be right for me if I suffer from pain and other medical issues

    We would highly suggest our "Cloud Like" Extra thick Premier Mattress based on previous customer feedback. These mattress's are said to have alleviated and sometimes eliminated pain and other medical related issues. Whilst this is not guaranteed to be a quick fix, and everyone is different, this one would be our best recommendation. 

    How long will these mattress's last

    Again, it comes down to proper care and rotation, but we do suggest replacing your mattress every 4-5 years for optimum support and hygiene. Over time your mattress can attract bedbugs from dust and skin particles.  It can also attract bacteria growth. Just like a toothbrush and pillow we need to consider replacement over trying to get years and years out of our existing mattress. We are using them regularly, so it comes down to, just because we can, doesn't mean we should! Meaning, some bigger brands may offer a 10 year guarantee, but it doesn't mean we should keep them that long. 

    Why is the Giselle range so inexpensive? Does this mean they are Inferior to other brands? 


    Not at all! The Giselle range is manufactured with the same quality foam and springs as most other brands on the market. Costs are cut from having no "middle man" and overheads as some of the big retail chains do. 

    Remember, you can pay for for your mattresses and other products with after pay or zip pay so you can settle your account comfortably each month.

    Then why does a mattress come in a box?

    Again, this is a cost saving option for online freight and distribution.  Click here to watch our video showing the mattress being expanded from the box.

    My mattress just arrived, How long should I leave it to expand

    So that the foam has time to expand to its original expected shape and size and the springs to de-compress, we suggest 24-48 hours. Whilst it is safe to use in just 4 hours, it may not have enough time to "do its thing" and therefore its lifespan can be effected. 

    What if I feel there could be a fault/ warranty issue with my mattress

    We offer a 12 month Manufacturer warranty against fault.  You should contact us Immediately with photo / Video proof and a description of the Issue to - sales@evopia.com.au so we can forward your complaint directly onto the manufacturer for a speedy resolution. 

    Why can't you deliver to some parts of QLD, NT and parts of W.A

    Our quality products are shipped out on our behalf directly from the distribution warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. We do not decide which couriers are used for which products sold and to what area's. We would love to be able to deliver to all areas of Australia, however we do not have a say in the restrictions they put on us.

    If you have a suggestion or Idea regarding services/ shipping in your area, please don't hesitate to contact us as we aim to work on these restrictions with our own extra delivery options in the near future. 

    How long does delivery normally take?

    While your order is processed within 12-24 hours, Delivery is dependent on the state you live in and any un-expected delays with couriers. As a general rule of thumb our delivery times are - VIC- 2-4 business days.  NSW/ S.A/ ACT - 3-6 business days, QLD/ W.A/ TAS - 4-10 business days.

    Upon dispatch, you will receive a tracking number and details of courier your order is with within hours, meaning you can then track your delivery from home using the tracking number exactly as shown on the courier tracking website. 

    I have waited for my delivery and it has not shown up, why is this

    Whilst we all hope and expect speedy and uninterrupted delivery of our orders sometimes we should expect the unexpected. Couriers just like all of us, make mistakes and have unexpected delays. If you feel your order taking longer then expected to arrive to you, please contact the courier allocated to your delivery direct.

    If you have trouble finding the number to the courier or need further instructions please get in touch with us and we can offer assistance, however we can't "find" your delivery and get it to you before sundown, as we are not affiliated with the courier company in any way whatsoever. 

    I have a notification saying that my order is on it's way but my tracking number is not showing up or it says it has not been shipped, please check with sender, what do I do

    Please be patient if this occurs, it is not usual to find that the courier is yet to scan it into their system initially. Sometimes on occasion we find that it is not scanned into their system until delivery day with the local driver. 

    Allow up to 48 hours for scans before too much worry. 



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