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    Create storage space with a gas lift bed

    Storage Space

    In Australia living spaces are changing as more people live in the inner city and the growth of apartment living.  There are many advantages, closer to facilities, you can walk to the shops and there are good public transport links. However often there is less space for storing your possessions and we need to find innovative ways to use the space we do have more efficiently. Storage options from Evopia- are they best way to keep organised.

    When you think about it, space is often used inefficiently and there is a lot of wasted space that we can use for storing everyday items.  Bulky items like bedding and linens take a lot of space and many houses and apartments no longer have linen cupboards as they used to.

    One under-utilised area is under your bed.  Normally a place that collects dust and clutter where items disappear, not to be seen again for a while.  Or many homes have Divans with no drawers or built in storage, literally a waste of space.

    Options to utilise under bed storage

    A bedframe or Divan with drawers is the first option that comes to mind that creates space for clothing, linen and smaller items.  This is a big improvement although it is no good for bulky items such as Pillows or Quilts/Doonas.

    The second option is a Gas Lift bed where the entire space can be utilised for anything from smaller items to bulky items such as Quilts and Doonas.

     Bed-frames with drawers

    A bed-frame with drawers can utilise up to 80% of the space under the bed while protecting the contents of the drawers from dust.  Drawers enable the organisation of the contents into different categories and are great for sheets, pillowcases and towels.

    A good quality bed-frame with the drawers on castor wheels enable the drawers to move smoothly while supporting the weight of the contents, and sheets can be quite heavy. 

    A great way to utilise all the space under the bed is a gas lift storage bed where the Mattress base opens just like the bonnet of your car. You can use this space for bulky items like Quilts/Doonas, Bedspreads, Pillows, Cushions and Blankets or whatever else you want to. Its like having a linen cupboard under your Mattress. 

    In the Summer months you can store away the warmer bedding and have it handy when the cooler months roll in.  As the space is covered by the Mattress, it is relatively dust free keeping your bedding fresh and clean.

    Gas lift storage beds are a great way to get rid of clutter and increase your storage space overnight.

    Gas lift storage beds are available in a range of styles, fabric and colours and come in single, double, queen and king sizes


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