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    5 Ways to maximise your bedroom storage

    Small bedrooms are great places to relax. They are intimate, cozy, and you will never have to think: “What should I put in this empty corner”? However, you can quickly run out of bedroom storage. (Unless you're planning a storage system in your tiny bedroom, of course).

    Fortunately, these days you can find plenty of functional and affordable bedroom furniture which is not only looking good and serves the main purpose, but also will increase your storage.

    Here are 5 small and practical furniture ideas from Evopia to create more storage in a small bedroom on affordable budget.


    1. Make your headboard multi-tasking

    Think about how to turn items that would normally function as décor into additional storage space. For example,  if you do not have a headboard, you can use a shelving behind the bedframe or on the side. If you do have a headboard, you can also build an additional small shelving unit above it, creating space for books, candles, or plants on a wall that is usually always empty.

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    2. Choose the bed with inbuild storage


    Consider buying bed with built-in storage. Evopia offers a range of beds with different types of storage options: beds with storage drawers on the side or front or beds with gas lift mechanism. Lift the base and you will have mattress-sized drawer to accommodate your bedroom staff.


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     3. Use shelving or create them yourself

    People often overlook the fact that their bedroom walls can provide significant storage space. Consider making shelves that you can hang the entire height or the entire length of your walls. Do not forget about the space under the window – it is often underutilized. Making your own shelving allows you to control the size and dimensions freely while providing shelves that work best for your bedroom.

    In a small bedroom, walls are your best friend. Whether you are stacking shelves, installing in a rack, or a floating shelve like below, use every square inch of walls for your storage needs.


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     4. Consider stylish furniture with storage capacity

    Sometimes the key to creating more space is to reimagine it. When choosing the furniture  - just think about it’s storage capacity, for example like a stylish console table or storage cabinet which will fit loads of bedlinen or clothes.

    Are you a shoe crazy person? Then get the stylish shoe bedroom storage where you can organise your loved ones!

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      5. Buy a bedroom storage bench

     If you want a bedroom storage bench at the foot of your bed, or by your dressing table, make sure this seating area doubles as the storage space! The bedroom storage bench from Evopia is called Ottoman. It is stylish and durable and does not cost a lot. With plenty of interior space to store blankets the ottoman storage for your bedroom will look great in any bedroom and will surely save on storage space, towels or books.

     bedroom storage bench



     What is a bed without a bedside table? Make your bedside table work by choosing them with one or more drawers and maybe even a shelf underneath.


    bedroom storage australia, bedside table storage

     The key to finding more space in your bedroom is to use items that are great and will serve more than one purpose.






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