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    Leather beds

    Leather beds in the interior of a modern house look not only very solid, but also give their owners the opportunity to sleep well and get quality rest.


    leather beds, leather bed frames

    Leather beds characteristics:

     Leather models have a number of characteristic features:

    •  Headboards of a bed made of leather (or PU leather) are especially soft, they are comfortable, because in summer they give the necessary coolness, and in winter - warmth, pleasant for a person.
    • Leather bedframes are especially durable and reliable, such products are most often made with a sufficient margin of safety.
    • Leather bedframes are resistant to high humidity and dust, it is very easy to clean it.
    • The leather bed fits perfectly into many popular interior styles such as minimalism, industrial style, retro, modern and so on.
    • Leather products are very practical. The material itself is flexible, strong and quickly recovers its shape.
    • Moisture care, a special product to polish leather surfaces is all it takes to take care of your leather bed and it will attract the attention of every person entering the bedroom, even many years after your purchase.
    • Leather products are excellent quality of performance, but also are quite expensive, so you can find soft furniture from quality eco-leather or PU leather increasingly in furniture stores.

    PU Leather (Eco-Leather) has several advantages

    • Eco-leather is created from pure products, does not emit an unpleasant odour, and also has no harmful components;
    • Easy to take care of;
    • Has a long service life;
    • Can be of various colors;
    • Price of products made of artificial material is significantly lower than that of products made of genuine leather;
    • Created without cruelty to animals;

     Different models of leather beds

    You can easily find leather bedframes in different sizes, colors and shapes on most online stores like Evopia.

    The most popular today are luxurious beds for two people (double, queen or king sizes) made of leather in the usual rectangular shape. Their standard length is approximately 200 cm, and the width of the sleeping place can be 160-180 cm, which is quite suitable for comfortably accommodating two family members at once or even with a child or a pet.

    Single leather bedframes are also available. They can be used in a guest room by itself or with another single bed in order to sleep a couple in separate beds.

    single leather bed, single leather bed frame

     Many models of leather beds are equipped with a special gas lifting mechanism (leather bed with gas lift), with helps you to lift the mattress easily. This opens a large storage space for linen and other household utensils. It is extremely convenient as you have some extra storage space.

     leather bed frame with gas lift

    Tall natural looking leather headboards look great in the glamorous New Baroque style - in this case, the product is usually complemented with bright large rhinestones, stylish mirrors, luxurious velvet decor and expensive wood.

    leather bed


    Leather bedframe with LED lighting and gas lift have been particularly popular recently.

    leather bed with LED lighting

    They comes with built-in LED lighting that can be customised into 16 different colours and 4 flashing modes to suit your preference. Not only will the illuminated bed frame create a beautiful ambience, it will also save you from buying extra bedside lamps or nightlights.

    Inbuilt gas lift of the bed base gives you an instant storage area with acres of space for your bedding essentials. Simply store your extra pillows, bed sheets, cushions and more in the storage compartment and hide them away for the season. 

    Leather bedframes with LED lighting come in two models: Alex Bedframes and Lumi Bedframes.


     lumi leather bed led

    leather bed lumi

    The Color selection of the leather beds is not so diverse as fabric upholstered beds. However if your bedroom is one of the certain styles, the white leather bed will look stunning.

    A white leather bedframe will make even an overly dark bedroom much lighter and will fit into any modern style interior. White leather beds will look stunning in the bedrooms decorated with ethnic flavours, for example African. Also will be a good fit with French Provincial style or Country.

    Beige leather bed will also look practical, which will perfectly fit into any bedroom. It can have both laconic and restrained forms, and be decorated with delicate frills.

    For new high-tech and modern styles, a black leather bed is suitable. Strict, clear and laconic lines of execution will emphasize the originality of the black and white bed.

    The spectacular and brutal brown leather bed will look great along with a grey loft-style wall or if your furniture and space in industrial style.

    brown leather bed 

    How to take care of leather bed frame?

    Leather bed frames require a special, albeit but not very difficult, maintenance. To do this, you must clearly adhere to the following rules:

     Do not place a leather bed next to a radiator or an open flame. The material of the bed will dry out quickly and easily, losing its gloss, elasticity and high-quality appearance. If there is a lot of sunlight in the bedroom, be sure to curtain the windows, creating the best operating conditions for the bed.

    If the leather surface becomes dusty, you may wash it with a sponge using a solution of water and soap or special solution for leather care. It is preferable to choose a special cloth as it is available for various types of leather.

    Although leather products do not collect dust on themselves, dust will appear on any surface sooner or later. Therefore, the leather bed must be wiped with a special cloth or napkins. You can use dry flannel, but you can also moisten it to enhance the care effect. You can also buy gloves, both sides of which are made of different materials for caring for leather goods: the soft side is useful for wiping, and the rough side can be used for rubbing in the care products.

    Think twice if your pets have a free access to your bedroom. Hamsters, cats and dogs can damage the leather cover in no time, and you will find yourself in front of a very interesting project - you will have to change the skin on a damaged piece of upholstered furniture.

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