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    Industrial Style Furniture

    The industrial style of furniture is a kind of standard for modern interior design.

    Industrial-style premises cannot be called cozy in the usual sense of the word. Style and functionality in such interiors is more than enough. "Industrial" is usually preferred by young and dare to experiment and be different people. It is comfortable to live for those who are ready to expand their understanding of the living space.

    The history of the origin of the industrial style furniture

    The harsh industrial style originated in the mid-twentieth century in New York. At that time, many abandoned industrial premises began to be converted into residential ones. For people tired of huddling in cramped New York apartments, this option was ideal. Among the first who moved to the former factory buildings were artists: artists, musicians, actors.

    New tenants were in no hurry to change the interior of the new house: the walls remained untreated (concrete or brick), and high stairs, hoods and other "industrial" elements were not eliminated. The furniture was often bought at a flea markets for new apartments while walls were decorated with paintings  and photographs. This contributed to the birth of a new style at that time, which today has become a real mainstream. And when it comes to wall decoration, everything becomes clear: the less decoration, the better. But what about industrial style furniture for such houses?

    Industrial style furniture: Characteristics

    Initially, the industrial style furniture was considered budgetary. Due to its huge sizes of the buildings, decorating an industrial building is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, they left everything as it is. But the furniture still had to be bought, there is no getting around here. What is it all the same, industrial furniture?

    Let’s review five features.

    Industrial look furniture, industrial style furniture

    Industrial style furniture is Lacking of patterns and painting

    Industrial style furniture does not accept patterns and painted elements. The sofa, armchairs and chairs are monochromatic, most often gray or brown. Therefore, if you prefer pretentious upholstery of upholstered furniture, it is better to give up the idea of decorating an apartment in an industrial style. This style was originally seen as masculine and a bit rough. Therefore, patterns, paintings and frills are not here. Just an even tone!

    Industrial style furniture is made of natural materials

    Natural furniture looks great in any interior. But when it comes to industrial style, there are no other options. The living room has a large leather sofa and a couple of the same chairs. Since a huge space is usually not divided by walls, an industrial-style apartment is one huge room divided into several zones. Next to the leather sofa and armchairs, there may be a table with a wooden top and wrought iron legs. Chairs and stools from the general ensemble do not stand out. A great option is leather seats without backs on a solid iron base. Cabinets, bedside tables and shelves - only wooden or iron. The presence of plastic elements is possible but highly rear (or plastic looks like metal).


    industrial style furniture, industrial style bedroom furniture

    Industrial style furniture has cold shades

    All shades with the prefix "soft" and "bright" in the industrial style are excluded. Leave pale pink, light green, bright green and other poisonous colors for retro or minimalism. In industrial premises, you rarely find chairs in pastel or bright colors. First, it is not practical. And, secondly, such furniture does not at all correspond to the general mood in the building. This trend was adopted by the industrial style. Even a pure white color in such an industrial interior looks, to put it mildly, inappropriate. Whether it is black, dark brown or grey. They are versatile and virtually unaffected by contamination. What you need for an art workshop.


    industrial style pipe shelving furniture

    Industrial style furniture looks as if it was picked from a flea market

    At the flea market, as you know, at all times you could find good, albeit slightly shabby furniture. The noticeable old age of the items adds some special chic to them. This is especially true for cabinets and shelves.

    Peeling paint, visible pipes or cracked coating, sanding surface - all this fits perfectly into an industrial interior. And even if everything is far from new, but how stylish it looks! On the other hand,  while wandering around the flea market in search of "industrial" furniture, pay attention to its serviceability.


    Industrial style bedroom, industrial style furniture

    Industrial style furniture boasts original solutions

    Industrial style furniture will allow you to bring your most daring ideas to life. For example, an old ladder or filing cabinet can be converted to a bookshelf or industrial style wall shelves. The tires can be used as a stand under a table top. Looks absurd? Not at all! Everything will come in handy here - heavy safes with broken doors, iron chains, old pipes and lighting ... The scope for imagination is just endless.

    For example, you can make an industrial chest of drawers or an industrial bedside table out of a couple of old suitcases. The main thing is to correctly re-equip some mechanisms. And the propeller will turn into a real work of art. The most interesting thing about industrial style furniture is that you don't have to be a designer to decorate or even create pieces of furniture. If you have a basic sense of style and a few crazy ideas, you are guaranteed success in the difficult business of decorating your house in industrial look.


    industrial look furniture, industrial look bedroom furniture

    Due to the growing popularity of industrial interiors, many designers release entire collections of industrial style furniture in the style of New York 40s. Such furniture is much more expensive than from a flea market. Therefore, if your main goal is to equip your home in an industrial look furniture, and not save money on the purchase of antique furniture. But if the end result delights you and your guests, there is no difference it it is a designer’s furniture or not.

    Evopia’s range of industrial style furniture consists of a several types of furniture and accessories which will enhance the look. These are wall shelves ( industrial pipe shelving), desks, chest of drawers, bedside table units and other accessories.

    They have this rustic and natural look of timber and metal as if they are antique pieces. They are affordable and will fit in any minimalistic design or your décor.

    industrial style bedroom furniture

    A shabby wooden industrial bedside table is great on a plane grey or brick wall, and an iron coffee table brings a touch of comfort to the living area or to your industrial bedroom furniture look.

    If you have a minimal kitchen then an industrial bar stool will complete this arty look!  In what other style is this possible?

    industrial furniture, industrial bar stool






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