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    Buying an inflatable bed

    So, are you thinking about buying an inflatable bed? In our article we will try to talk about all aspects of both the pros and cons of blow-up beds.


    The inflatable bed is designed for multiple cycles of inflations and blow-ups, this makes it possible to use it in small spaces, setting it up and disassembling every day.

    When folded, it is surprisingly compact, which makes it possible to use the bed as an option for guests, without worrying about being tied to the interior.


    When purchasing an inflatable bed, one must clearly understand that this is an additional or temporary bed. Due to its design features, the bed has a rather large, but still limited service life, simply because it is inflatable.

    •  The inflatable bed has a certain height from 33cm to 56cm and is purchased mostly for internal use. Using it in the open air is highly undesirable, due to the dimensions and weight that are quite impressive for this use.
    • If you have pets, their access to the inflatable bed should be avoided.

    • The inflatable bed is not intended to be used as an object for jumping, active play and storing heavy objects.


    It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the setting it up, no matter if it is for one person sleeps on a single bed, two on a double or queen bed. The maximum weight allowed is also important!

    Overloading can lead to deformation and reduced service life due to increased pressure on the seams and partitions inside the bed.

    An inflatable bed, like any other product, has its own purpose and operating conditions, detailed in the manufacturer's instructions. If they are observed, it will serve for a long time and will delight you and your guests.

     We have listed a few commonly asked questions which may help you to make a decision of which inflatable bed air mattress to buy.

    How to buy an inflatable bed

    We spend almost a third of our lives in sleep. Therefore, you need to think about which bed to choose. Especially if you went on vacation or host guests, and there is not much space. Then an air bed is the only right solution. If you have made this decision, then you should remember several rules for using an inflatable bed so that it will serve for a long time and faithfully.

    First, a low-pressure pump is needed (if not included with your purchase): foot, hand or electric. With the help of the latter, you can not only pump up, but also download the bed, which is also no less important. The main thing is not to use a high-pressure compressor or pump the bed with a hairdryer because hot air can damage the bed.


    At the same time it is very important to adjust the rigidity of the inflatable bed, because the comfort of your sleep depends on it. Therefore, it is necessary to pump the bed until the folds are smoothed out, until it becomes elastic to the touch.

    Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to sleep. But at the same time, remember that if you pump the bed, the seams may break, which means that the bed will blow off before morning.

     Do not forget that from time to time inflatable beds need to be pumped. If the bed is not intended for one person, then you should not pump it up to the maximum. The same should be remembered if you decide to use an inflatable bed in the country or on the beach. Because the sun's rays heat up the air inside, which increases its pressure, and can damage the bed.

     If you have not purchased an electric pump with which you can pump the bed, do not be concerned: most of them have special valves that you need to open and, by pressing on the surface of the bed, release air from it.

    How to store an inflatable bed?

    The inflatable bed should be deflated and dry. In addition, you need to think about how to clean it so that the continued use of the bed is no less pleasant. It is important to remember here that air beds and mattresses can only be cleaned with a mild soap solution, but chemicals and substances containing abrasive materials can damage the coating of air beds.

    Unfortunately, inflatable beds and mattresses can be punctured. You can find a small puncture using a soapy solution: after all, soap bubbles will appear at the puncture site during cleaning. Then it is necessary to release the air from the bed, apply rubber glue, for example, to the tip of a toothpick and insert into the hole, and then apply a small amount of glue to the hole. After the glue has dried, the bed is ready for use again!

    If the cuts are large, you should cut out a patch of rubber or leatherette 1-2 cm larger than the damaged area. Use rubber or PVA glue, place the patch over the damaged area, while pushing from the centre of the patch to the edges, then press the patch with a heavy object and leave it for several hours. And in a day you can use the inflatable bed again.

    Using inflatable bed in winter (or in a colder climate)

    Inflatable beds do not like frosty weather. It becomes tanned and loses its elasticity even at an ambient temperature of -5C. Therefore, if you purchased an inflatable product in winter, do not take it out immediately. Instead put it in a warm place for 2-3 hours, preferably near a radiator. Only then remove the bed from the box, make sure the material is soft and pump up to 80%

    The bed will take shape, the folds will straighten, and after an hour it can be fully pumped up. In the first few days, the air bed or mattress may become soft. This is due to the fact that the material is elastic, stretches a little, so the size of the bed or mattress increases slightly. It can also be influenced by the room temperature.  After a week of use, the bed will acquire its constant characteristics, and only once every 2-3 days it will need to be pumped up.

    How long do inflatable beds last?

    Keep in mind that inflatable beds and mattresses are still intended for temporary use, although with careful use they can last a long time. But it is better to keep pets away from the bed. they can damage the material with their sharp claws

    Use inflatable beds according to the manufacturer's recommendations and they will last you for a long time, while not taking up much storage space, but providing your guests with a comfortable sleeping place if necessary.



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