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    Mattress Protector or Mattress Topper

    Mattress Protector or Mattress Topper?

    When you purchase a new mattress you want it to last as long as possible and you want to keep it clean and free of dust mites.

    The usual choice is a Mattress Protector that covers the Mattress and that can be easily removed and washed.  This acts as a barrier to dead skin cells getting into the Mattress and helps reduce dust mites and potential dust allergies.  It is important to remove and wash the Protector on a regular basis.

    So what is a Mattress Topper?  A Topper also covers and protects the Mattress, but it also adds other features depending upon the type and material.  Many people have across Toppers in Hotels and experienced the added comfort and luxury they can bring to a Mattress.  A Topper usually adds a layer of cushioning material to make a bed softer and more supportive.


    Why buy a Mattress Protector?

    Mattress protectors ( mattress cover ) come in different materials and price ranges.  A simple mattress protector can be very inexpensive and made of non-woven material that is washable.  This is an inexpensive way to protect your Mattress and catches dust and skin cells that can be washed out of the protector.

    Another option is a waterproof mattress protector that protects the Mattress from sweat, spillages or any fluid getting through to the Mattress.  This prevents needing to clean the mattress and from any staining or marking of the Mattress fabric.

    While a Mattress Protector may have some padding, its primary purpose is to protect the Mattress and to be machine washable.

     If not buying a Mattress Topper, a Mattress Protector should be placed on any bed to promote a healthily sleeping environment. 

    Why buy a Mattress Topper?

    A Mattress Topper creates a layer of cushioning between you and your Mattress.

     They can make a Mattress that is too firm to sleep on, more comfortable and supportive.  They can help extend the life of an older Mattress if it is starting to show some wear and tear. A Topper can extend the life of a new Mattress by spreading the weight load and reducing the wear on the Mattress itself.

    There are many choices of material and firmness giving you a range of choices to change the feel of your Mattress in the desired way.  The Mattress remains the underlying support base so a Topper will not fix a Mattress that is sagging excessively and needs replacing.

    If you have bought a Mattress and are unhappy with the feel, a Topper can be a way to address this.  It can also be a way to make an inexpensive model more like a top-end luxury mattress.  For example, adding a memory foam Topper to achieve a result closer to a more expensive memory foam mattress.

    Choosing a Mattress Topper

    Choosing a Mattress Topper will come down to your preferences on materials, the softness or firmness you want to achieve, how long you want it to last and your Budget.

    If you want a luxury Topper that will last up to 10 years, a Latex, Wool or Feather and Down Topper offer the benefits of natural materials.  A common choice is a memory foam Topper that offers many of the same benefits as a memory foam mattress at a more approachable price.

     If you are looking for something to last up to 5 years a micro-fibre or high-density foam Topper is less expensive and offers many of the same benefits.

    Memory Foam Mattress Topper

    A memory foam mattress topper incorporates a layer of memory foam up to 8cm thick that moulds to your body reducing pressure points and providing even support.  Great for side sleepers that are finding their old or new mattress too firm.  Also available in a cool gel version that helps you sleep cooler in the warmer months of the year.  If you are experiencing back or joint pain, a memory foam topper and improve the support for your body on your existing mattress.

     Mattress topper

    Microfibre pillow-top Topper 1000gsm

    Usually, with a fill weight of 1000gsm and 5cm thick, a microfibre filled Topper provides a luxury cushion on your mattress similar to those experienced in 5 star Hotels. With the fill sewn in so it will not move, the microfibre is naturally ant-bacterial and machine washable.  Creates a pillow-top feel to your existing mattress.

     Microfibre topper

    Wool or Fleece Underlay/Topper

    Wool as a natural fibre traps air and keeps you warm in winter yet breathes and keeps you cooler in summer.  Although more expensive than micro-fibre, a wool Topper provides better ventilation and will last for longer. They are encased in wool proof fabric and are not itchy as you might expect.

     Wool topper

    Duck/Goose Feather and Down Topper

    Another natural product that breathes providing warmth in winter and yet is cool in summer Duck Feather and Down Topper.  Processed so there is no smell, feather and down toppers offer a cloud-like feel where the high loft but low weight gives that floating feeling.

     Duck Topper

    Latex toppers

    Latex is a natural rubber product and while at the expensive end offers excellent ventilation with holes to allow airflow.  The natural bounce of the Latex gives excellent support with minimal deterioration over many years.  Motion isolation is first class with a Latex Topper. It is also naturally resistant to bacteria and mould. A very durable product, a Latex Topper is an investment that will last for many years.

     Latex topper

    Are Mattress Toppers worth it?

    More often than not, they are worth it. Improved comfort for your existing Mattress and extending the life of the Mattress are benefits that pay for themselves.  They can make an existing mattress comfortable or they can be an added luxury to promote peaceful sleep.

     If you are experiencing back or joint pain, a Topper may be a way to improve your comfort while you sleep. The body moulding feature of memory foam may provide you with some relief and improve motion isolation if your partner's movements interrupt your sleep.

    Like anything, they are not for everyone although anything that improves sleep comfort is worth considering.


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