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    Which bedframe is the best?

    The topics covered in this article:

    • What are the basic rules to follow when choosing a bed
    • How to choose the right single bed
    • How to choose a good bed for 2 people
    • How to choose a bed with drawers and a soft headboard

    When furnishing the bedroom one should pay close attention to the choice of bed. After all, people spend at least a third of their lives in it, and lovers sleep even more. And it is this piece of furniture that will determine the comfort and health of your sleep. In this article, we will talk about how to choose a bed and what nuances to take into account.

     Which bedframe is the best?
    10 basic tips on which bed is best to choose.

     1. Choose the size and shape of the bed.

    The choice of a bedframe primarily depends on the height  and completion of its future owner, as well as on the size of the bedroom. Follow a simple rule: get the largest furniture that can fit into the bedroom without interfering with moving around the room. In Australia, a Queen Size bed is considered more popular for 2 people.

    Below are the sizes applicable in Australia:

    • A single size bed bases will fit single size mattress  measures 92 x 188 cm and is suitable for a single sleeper. This bed is ideal for one child, teenager, or small adult. Its dimensions are perfect for smaller rooms and studio apartments.
    • A king single size bed base will fit king single size mattress 203 x 107 cm it offers additional space and comfort for one person. It makes it a very convenient option for a person who wants a little extra space without having to buy the next size (double).
    • A double bed base will fit double size mattress and measures are 137 x 190 cm. This bed size can sleep two small adults without children. It is also an ideal size for a single adult who likes a bit more space. 
    • Queen size bed frame will fit into a Queen mattress  is the most popular mattress size, dimensions of the queen mattress are 153 cm. x 203 cm. It is a size beyond double size and will have extra space for couples of all ages plus it can fit a child or pet (with two adults). 
    • A king size bed base will fit standard king size mattress has dimensions at 183 x 204 cm. With a larger and more comfortable width, a king mattress is larger and is perfect to fit a single person or  two adults or two even adults and one child.

    As for the length of the bed, it is usually 200 cm, less often - 180 cm. With some effort, you can find models 220 cm long, and if you need a large sleeper, you will have to apply for a bed to order.

    Thinking about how to choose the size of a bed, come from the following:

    The length of the chosen model should be at least 10 cm (or better by 15 cm) longer than the growth of its future owner. When choosing a bed for a couple, it is necessary to focus on the growth of a higher person. Beds for a couple come in Double Size, Queen Size and King Size.

    As for width, it will be optimal when a person, lying on his half of the bed, can throw his hands behind his head without disturbing the person who is lying next to him. For single beds models, the elbows in this case should fit completely within the bed.

    • The minimum distance from the bed to the nearby object (walls, furniture, etc.) should be 70 cm, in which case it is possible to approach the sleeping place without hindrance, as well as to put a bedside tube.

    • The height of the model should make it easy to get up and lie down. For older people, this moment is of great importance. Young people can choose a podium bed as a bed, but for the elderly this option is not suitable. The standard height of the beds varies from 50 to 90 cm. Ideally the upper edge of the mattress should be on one level or just above the knees of a person standing next to each other.

    • It is better to give preference to models of classic rectangular shape, leaving for the flight of design thought interesting decor and bright textiles. Round, oval, arched beds look very impressive, but in reality when using them you can face a number of problems, starting with inconveniences during sleep and ending with difficulties in choosing bed linen, which will have to be sewed to order..

     2. Selecting a bedframe (bed base)

    Bed frames are of two types.

    In the first case, we are talking about two support backs and two side panels, in the second - about four side panels and backs, in this case the legs or podium act as supports. It is believed that the second option is less durable, but high-quality assembly is the guarantor of a long service life for any type of frames.

    3. Choice of base 

    The bed base (also referred as bed platform), firmly attached to the frame, serves as a support for the mattress. It is performed in the form:

    • Structures from lamellas (thin flexible strips). For their production, wood or plastic is used, which are able to bend under the weight of a person, taking the desired shape. The best are wooden - beech or birch - lamellas. More planks provide greater reliability and convenience of the base. For a single bed, the minimum is 15 slats, for a double bed - 30. The distance between the slats should not exceed the width of the slat itself.
    • Rigid and soft metal gratings. The strength of the metal mesh provides the base with a long service life, at least 20 years, however, due to the ease of pushing under the weight of a lying person, it is impossible to talk about comfort and sound healthy sleep in this case.

    Solid wood and metal are used to produce the most reliable and durable frames. Forged models are distinguished by special grace. Wicker beds look interesting.

    When thinking about how to choose a comfortable bed to sleep give preference to models in which there is nothing else under the base of the slats. In this case, the mattress will be perfectly ventilated, which will have a positive effect on its service life. Often, storage compartments are equipped under the berth. They can be in the form of drawers or a larger compartment, access to which is provided by a lifting mechanism.

    4. Choosing a mattress for your bed

    To buy a mattress for your bed is an equally important decision when you are buying a bedframe. Even if you choose the world best bedframe, but your mattress is uncomfortable, your sleep will be compromised.

    Even experts have not agreed on the best mattress! Some consider multilayer models without springs to be the best option, while others tend to combine options with springs. For some, hard mattresses are ideal, someone can only sleep on soft ones. So, in this matter, one should proceed from one's own feelings.

    These are some guidelines which will help you to make your choice

    • Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or a tummy sleeper?
    • What is your body weight?
    • Do you prefer soft, medium-firm or firm mattress?
    • Do you suffer from back pain?

    Don't forget that the mattress needs maintenance. During the first three months, it must be turned over once a week, in the future this should be done once a season. Thus, you will extend its service life and help keep its original shape longer.

    5. Bedframes with Gas Lift Mechanism

    The space under a double bed is almost the same as in a medium-sized wardrobe or small walk-in closet. For owners of small apartments or needing an extra storage space its a really good option to consider. 

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    It is better to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism rather then with manual lifting. The raised base of which provides access to a large (area of ​​about 1.8 x 1.9 m and 25-40 cm deep) storage space. It can be used both for bedding and for other things, including out-of-season clothes - there is enough space for everything.

    The choice of lifting device depends on the expected load:

    Gas lift - the mechanism is a cylinder filled with gas. Depending on the pressure, the mechanism has a higher or lower load capacity. Raising and lowering the bed base is performed smoothly and effortlessly, it is enough to initially push it.

    The lifting mechanism is designed for a weight of 100 or more kilograms, is suitable for all types of beds and mattresses, it is with it that transformable beds are equipped that fold against the wall. The service life of the gas lift is approximately 70–90 thousand lifting / lowering cycles.

     The spring mechanism is based on metal coil springs. The mechanism is designed for approximately 20 thousand lifting / lowering cycles. It is simple and reliable in operation.  

    The manual lifting mechanism is not equipped with shock absorbers, the lifting and lowering of the base is carried out by means of human forces. Folding beds are often equipped with them. Before choosing a product with a manual lifting mechanism, it is worth considering whether you will be able to use it constantly.

     6. The choice of upholstery.

    • Arpatek belongs to the latest materials, similar to velvet leather. The fabric contains natural fibers. The upholstery is characterized by a small thickness, but at the same time high strength. According to the manufacturers, the fabric is not subject to abrasion. Today arpatek is widely used in the furniture industry.

    • Relax is a very durable, easy to clean material. If you are thinking about how to choose a bed, and at the same time you have small children or pets, this type of upholstery will be perfect for you.

    • Jacquard is a tough and durable material, on which patterns are applied by thermal printing or weaving. Furniture for which jacquard is used is distinguished by its visual appeal and aesthetics.

    • Chenille is a soft-touch material made up of half synthetic fibers. Among its advantages is strength, it does not wrinkle. Chenille is the most demanded of budget fabrics. It has a lower quality in comparison with relaxation and arpatek, however, for an ordinary user, the difference will not be noticeable, provided that he does not specifically test the upholstery (deliberately dirty it, expose it to temperature, etc.).
    • Flock is a synthetic non-woven material consisting of a sticky base and artificial pile.

    • Velor is a fleecy material. When deciding how to choose a bed, keep in mind that this upholstery is not practical due to the rapid abrasion of the pile (this is especially noticeable at the head of the bed, where it will constantly touch the head and back of the person resting).

    • Tapestry is one of the most durable budget materials. Resistance to mechanical stress ensures its durability.

    • Eco-leather - this upholstery is easy to clean. It is worth choosing a bed with eco-leather upholstery if your bedroom is made, for example, in a loft style or in an industrial direction. Leather bedframes become more and more popular as they are easy to keep clean and looking stunning.

     7. Choosing the headboard (bedhead)

    Headboardsare the centrepiece of any bedroom, the feature which automatically attracts the eye.  No matter what style or size of the bedroom you have, at Evopia you will find an option that is affordable and gives your bedroom some unique charm and character. Many bedframes come with headboard inbuilt in the bed base.

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    You can equip a shelf above the headboard on which necessary or decorative gizmos will be stored. Such a shelf can become part of an entire storage system that extends to the sides of the bed.

    If you are thinking about how to choose a bed without placing it close to the wall, then you should take a closer look at models with inbuilt headboard.

    It is important that it is reliable and comfortable, allowing you to comfortably lean on it while watching TV or reading books. A number of models are equipped with an ergonomic headboard angled to the base.

    8. Decide the style of your bedframe

    When deciding which bedframe to get, proceed not only from the materials used and the ergonomic design, but also make sure that the chosen model matches the style of the interior. So, beds can be:

    •  Low platform models like our white Artiss Jade Bedframe that blend harmoniously with minimalist or Japanese interiors, as well as high-tech bedrooms.
    • Equipped with a leather headboard that can beautify interiors designed in ethnic, modern, minimalist and classic styles.
    • With In-built LED lights which you can set depending on your mood with a remote control;
    • Upholstered with modern fabric materials
    • Maybe you prefer a white bed?  White bedframes give the room a special charm. Whatever style the bedroom you have white bed will ideally allow you to place accents, create a cozy atmosphere, and visually enlarge the space.
    • Bamboo frame and woven backs, which harmoniously complement tropical, ethnic or eco-style.
    • Iron headboards perfect for retro, province or country styles (note that this headboard is not very comfortable, so it is worth choosing a large number of pillows).
    • Carved wooden headboards adorned with gilding, overlays and inlays, complementing bedrooms in French Provincial, Rococo or timeless Classic styles which will fit any décor.

     9. Choosing furniture & accessories for your bedroom

    • Canopies for comfort and privacy. But keep in mind that these products do not allow air to circulate normally and also serve as a source of dust.
    • Lighting at the headboard or along the perimeter of the bed, which will create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom and can serve as a night light. 
    • Protective bumpers, which are mainly equipped with cots (they can be both stationary and removable).
    • Mirrored inserts that reflect the bed and visually enlarge the bedroom.

     10. What else to look for when choosing a bed?

    If you want to choose a bigger bed, do not forget about the size of the bedroom itself, in which, in addition to the bed, they also place a wardrobe or chest of drawers, leaving the opportunity to freely approach both the bed and the window.

    Today, manufacturers offer original bed models, made in the form of a boat, a nest, a swing bed, and the like. However, in attempts to diversify the interior of the bedroom, remember the main purpose of these products is convenience.

    White beds: the pros and cons of choosing

    When choosing a white bed, keep in mind that if it is the same color as the walls and floor, the bedroom will look a little boring.

    It is better to dilute the snow-white walls and floor with a bed of a grayish or yellowish hue, which will set off their whiteness.

    Conversely, choosing a snow-white bed in a bedroom with dark or bright walls and floors, you will focus on the design of the room.

    When thinking about how to choose a white bed for a bright bedroom, pay attention to bright blankets, bedspreads, decorative pillows, which will add color accents to the sleeping place. Choose accessories in such a way that they are in harmony with other elements of the room decor.

    When choosing a white bed, pay attention to its design. The style of the furniture should be consistent with the interior of the bedroom as a whole. Pay attention to the construction of the model. Elegant legs on legs will look great in children's rooms and ladies' bedrooms.

    The classic low model without high legs will become a decoration of modern bedrooms. A white bed with a leather headboard will match any modern design, adding luxury to the bedroom.

    How to choose the right single bed

    Modern furniture manufacturers produce a huge number of different models. Single beds are in high demand. When choosing, pay attention to the models with drawers, which are great for storing bedding, toys, clothes and the like. They will be the ideal solution for small apartments. At the same time, the presence of boxes practically does not depend on the style of the bed and the materials used.

    When choosing a single bed option, keep in mind that they can be:

    •  Regular single bed model with headboard and / or footboard. It is better if the bed is with storage boxes (pull-out and swing-out). The higher this piece of furniture, the more spacious the drawers.
    • Single bed with lifting mechanisms. In this case, the raised base with the mattress opens up a spacious storage compartment.
    • A sofa bed. Unlike conventional models, in addition to the headboard and footboard, its design also provides for a backrest covered, for example, with fabric and leather. The hard back is usually padded with cushions. This is a kind of union of a bed and a sofa. Models with only one back have great grace.
    • Multifunctional piece of furniture with built-in bed. Models are in great demand, equipped, in addition to a berth, bedside tables and wall cabinets. For very small bedrooms, foldable models are suitable. Thanks to the built-in mechanisms, the bed is lifted and fixed in the niche. The inner part of the bed can be equipped with open or closed shelves. In this case, when folded, it will become a compact wall.

    When deciding which bed to choose for a child under 12, pay attention to the bright colors, frame in the form of animals, cars, boats, etc. Built-in storage boxes are ideal. Basically, these beds have a rigid base on which the mattress is laid.

    For teenagers it is better to choose a bed with a laconic design. You can dwell on models whose headboard is upholstered, for example, with artificial leather.

     How to choose a good bed for two people.
    Talking about the beds for 2 people we mean Double, Queen and King Size Beds.

    • Talking about how to choose a bed for two, let us clarify that double models consist of a frame and a base. In addition, they can be supplemented with a headboard and footboard.
    • This size chat shows the dimensions of the beds that are currently used in Australia.
    Complete clarity.
    • To choose a bed, check the product description for detailed information regarding the configuration and dimensions of the required mattress. Make sure all required parts  are are quoted and included in your purchase.
    •  Comfortable size for both people as per your choice.

    Reliability of the foundation.

    To choose a bed that will last a long time, pay close attention to its base. The strongest and most durable are the orthopedic bases, which are a metal frame with transverse slats (otherwise - battens, lamellas or latoflexes). It is almost impossible to break the frame itself, and the lamellas that have become unusable are easy to replace. The design is designed for a significant load (200 kg or more). And thanks to the grill, ventilation of the mattress is provided and its service life is extended.

    How to choose a bed with storage drawers

    Beds with inbuilt drawers for storage are increasingly popular. Such models are usually made of wood and equipped with one, two or more drawers, which are located at the base of the bed and slide out due to special slats.

    bedframe with storage draweres, mila bedframe, bed with drawers for storage


    Consider several options for the location of drawers for linen, affecting the functionality and appearance of furniture. They can be placed:

    •  At the end of the bed, in this case the drawers will not be retractable, but equipped with hinged covers from above.
    • Under the bed on both sides. The drawers slide completely under the bed base for a cohesive look. The cut-in handles are also interesting decorative elements.
    • Arrangement of boxes in a straight line in side frequent beds. Such storage systems do not differ in capacity, since they occupy only part of the bedside space.

    When thinking about how to choose a bed, proceed from the number of boxes you need. Most often there are options with two or four wide compartments on both sides of the bed. Less often, pieces of furniture are produced, equipped not with boxes, but with niches and shelves.

     5 Final recommendations for choosing a quality bed

    • Often the beds are equipped with mattresses, but they are not always of good quality. Therefore, it is better to choose a model with the mattress which is right for your sleeping habit.
    • When thinking about how to choose a bed for a small bedroom, pay attention to the models which include extra features like gas lift or in-built drawers for storage to make optimal use of space.
    • When choosing a bed, consider its height. For older people, tall models are suitable, young people can consider low beds options.
    • When deciding how to choose a bed for a bedroom decorated in an oriental, minimalist or hi-tech style, take a closer look at bed platform models and combine it with a headboard.
    • Please note that you should not save on a bed, as an uncomfortable sleeping place, according to experts, is the cause of many diseases associated with the back.

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